Thursday, December 11, 2008

Canceled, Canceled, Canceled...hold on a minute are they really canceling that?

For those of you that know me well, you know that I'm not a big fan of cable or pay TV.  No, not because I'm cheap (OK well maybe I'm a little thrifty) but I think that network TV, especially PBS has been a great avenue of entertainment, education and cultural enlightenment for so many.

From time to time I do venture past the PBS channel and watch regular network TV.  This season I got hooked on the CBS drama the Mentalist.   Last season it was Eli Stone...To be perfectly honest I started watching because of my Jr. high school crush on George Michael (yes I'm still delusional that he's not really gay).   He was on the show as one of Eli's many visions at the top of last season.  As it turns out the show was really good.  Admittedly, this season I do miss his many George Michael visions, I still LOVE this show.  

Imagine my surprise when I was reading that ABC cancelled "dirty, sexy, money".  Wow that show did well in the ratings last season.  "Pushing up daisies", cancelled... surprising because they had Emmy nominations in the first season, last year. "Eli Stone", cancelled.... hold on a minute, rewind, are they really canceling that? That's one of the two shows I've been watching & enjoying this season... worst of all, I've seen commercials for the NBC show SCRUBS on ABC... excuse me, but didn't NBC get rid of that show for a reason...UGH!

This makes me wonder if the rumor that the major "off air" networks have a plan to get rid of dramas, etc to take on "reality" shows or news formats are true?!?!  If that's the case, I for one will be sticking with PBS.  Reruns of "Are You Being Served", "Keeping Up Appearances", "East Enders", BBC evening news & all that great entertainment will just have to be enough for me!!!

Oh and as for pay TV, the cable company can wait a little longer because my money's on PBS...I mean going to PBS.


Anonymous said...

Network is done get on the cable band wagon...

Anonymous said...

I like PBS, but it depends on where you are in the nation. Some of the programming can be pretty poor.