Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Christmas...

As a child, growing up close to the equator, my mother wouldn't decorate until Christmas Eve.   She explained that it was because, that was the first day of Christmas.  I was always suspicious that maybe she was just joshing that, that was the day of the "partridge in a pear tree".  I thought that she was really just procrastinating... but I looked it up.  "Most western church traditions begin at sunset on Christmas Eve on December 24th and this last through January 5th."  Hence the 12 days of Christmas.

(You might want to send the kids away from the computer for this one...) I knew that there was no Santa Clause when I was about 3.  Number one we lived in a town house that had no chimney, for the fat dude to come down.  I recall a conversation with my uncle. "You better be good or Santa wont come down the chimney with your gifts."  I replied with glee "We don't have a chimney."  "Well, he'll come in the window then" he replied.  And, without missing a beat "if he comes in the window, we'll have to call the police.  Anyway, you're a little old to still believe in Santa. I know I'm not supposed to tell any of the other kids that their parents are liars".  At that he had no response.  Now if you are thinking this story was recounted to me, I'm afraid I can't confirm.  In fact, I recall this as if it were yesterday.  

I hope that this Christmas you and yours find the true meaning of Christmas.  If it's "Jingle Bells or Santa" that you love, then I hope it is enjoyable.  If "Jesus is the reason for the season" for you, then I hope you find your enjoyment in that too.  

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