Friday, December 26, 2008

I got Beyonce's single ladies stuck in my head!

Beyonce's "Single Ladies (put a ring on it)" is stuck in my head.  OK, so it's one of the biggest phenomenons to hit YouTube (in a while). I'm shaking it at the stove when I'm making my tea and bopping it when I'm stuck in traffic.  So I did what any modern computer user would do, I went on YouTube.  What I found made me laugh out loud, shriek, ogle or tap my toes.  The cutest of them all is what I like to call "Baby Beyonce in training".  This "little bit" is so cute!  I promise once you hit play she'll put a smile on your face.  Some of the moves she has down pat and well the rest of them she just taps her toes until she can catch up.  

Then I guess the SNL folks did the same thing I did because, the next thing you know they had a spoof of there own.  Justin Timberlake and friends shaking their groove thing with Beyonce. Lets just say, as much as JT is loved, he should NOT dance in heels and a leotard... and let's not even mention the other two guys in the background.  

Then I came across what I like to call the BIG BOY SPOOF.  He's a DJ down in North Carolina and folks when I clicked on this one, I laughed and laughed and laughed...and then I laughed again.  He's got nothing on JT...or is it the other way around...all I can say is DANCE BIG BOY! 

Of course, probably, the most famous of all...SHANE MERCARDO's -DEAD RINGER interpretation of the video.  All I can say is, the man can IMITATE!  He's pretty good.

BUT, at the end of the day there is nothing like Ms. B., herself, giving lyrical age old advice.

Rewind...OK, OK, the choreography wasn't that original.  Here is Gwen Verdon's "Mexican Breakfast" as choreographed by Bob Fosse.  Ms. B. could have cut the track and let Mr. Fosse's work dance for itself.


Anonymous said...

Love the fat boy!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

love it, love it, love it, love the fat boy!