Monday, January 26, 2009

ABC: Eli Stone Tuesday's on ABC

Johnny Miller is Eli Stone.  His dreams are just like mine.  George Michael is my guardian angel...AHEM...I mean his guardian angel. "Oh you gotta have faith", pardon the pun.  I started watching this last season because my teenage crush, George Micheal, was on the show for a couple of seconds.  I kept coming back for me because the show was really good.  I was thrilled when they brought George back for a full episode.  The show didn't fail me.  Long after George's departure I was still tuning in weekly to see what Eli would "dream" up.  

Sadly ABC has decided to cancel this show.  That's too bad because I'm really going to miss it.

Check it out:

If you are interested in helping to save Ei Stone here is what you can do:
Contact: ABC Broadcasting Center
500 Circle Seven Dr.
Glendale, CA 91201
(P) 818-560-7450
(F) 818-841-8328
Contact ABC

Save ELI Stone

Disney Studio Services

Links are also available on the right side of the page under SAVE ELI STONE Links.

Check back for daily updates through 1/28/09

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