Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UPDATE 1/21/09: DO OVER: 37 Word Oath of Office...Finally

So there was that little flub in the administration and execution oath of office by President Barack Obama and Justice Roberts.  Let's take a look:
On white house legal advise, between 7-8P EST, Justice Roberts re-administered the oath of office to Barack Obama.  This alleviates any potential controversy over the presidency.  The brief ceremony was witnessed by a handful of aides, reporters & white house photographer. Let's take a listen as no cameras were available at the time.
Mr. Obama is the forth president to have an oath flub but only the third to re-take the oath.
Chester Arthur (1881-85) was sworn in by Chief Justice of NY Supreme court at his home after the assassination of James Garfield and then again by the U.S. Supreme court two days later. Calvin Coolidge (1923-29) also found himself in the same position.  His father a justice of the peace administered the oath after the death of Warren Harding  and it was re-administered later in Washington.

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