Friday, February 13, 2009

Some Valentine's day ideas for our slow economy

Get some clear red balloons, before blowing them up put a trinket inside (candy,token gifts, poems, etc.) blow them up and give them a bouquet.
Make a meal with a red theme for you and yours.  Eat pasta with out utensils, (If you don't have a heart shaped pan try this.  Bake two cakes.  One round and one square.  After cooling place the square cake on cake plate in the shape of a diamond.  Cut the round cake in half and place on either side of the diamond at the top.  Frost and you have a heart shaped cake.  
Use fortune cookies to woo your intended.
Are you a bit artistic?  Make them something:  A scarf; a love letter; a hand made coupon for a massage or a night on the town, etc - from you!; use dollar store/department store items to show your partner why you love them for "X" # of reasons; make them a CD with your favorite songs; take a photo of the two of you and frame it; cut colored paper in the shape of a heart and write your favorite stories about your relationship...punch holes and hang them with string from the ceiling or put them in treasure box; stargaze or watch the sunset &/or add a meal to your outdoor experience; watch a romantic movie at home - if you have kids take them out to the zoo and tire them out then put them to bed early!; memorize a love poem and recite it over dinner; say "I love you for the first time."; take turns reading from a novel, book of poetry, etc.; visit an trip to an art museum.
Of course proposing is the ultimate gift and you can pick the ring out together.  If nothing else go to a free card website right now set the card to be delivered on time.  If you inadvertently forget to say anything all day, you will be covered with an e-card. 
If you have a bit more cash in your pocket you can go for the traditional jewelry, flowers and chocolate. Massage or spa day for two; tickets to a favorite event; romantic gift basket with chocolates, massage oils, etc...get creative; Go for a balloon ride or skydiving; Get tickets for a future weekend away; buy something personal that they want but wouldn't buy for themselves.

Okay so this list may not be long but here are a few ideas.  Make breakfast or lunch plans with some single friends; spend the day at the spa pampering yourself; send flowers/candy to a single friend or family member and sign it anonymous;  throw a "singles" or "un-Valentine's day" party at home; visit some people in need - hospitals, orphanage; etc.;
make a romantic dinner for one (Steak, pomegrannit Martini or make a RED alcoholic beverage of your choice, French cut green beans w/red peppers, roasted red potatoes & strawberry shortcake...and finish off the perfect evening w/a video.  (The way I see it who better to treat you well than yourself.)  If all else fails you can be super sweet and babysit for a couple that need a night out.

Yes it's nice to receive material things, but the ultimate gift really is the gift of self.  

Until next time, when we can chit-chat again!

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