Monday, March 23, 2009

Date ideas: On the cheap

  1. Go to a movie:  Many movie houses have discounts for the first showing of the day...check theaters near you.  If there is a drive-in or outdoor movies shown in your area, pack a picnic basket and have at it.
  2. Go roller or ice skating; bowling or darts.
  3. Go to a local farm & pick fruits/veg then go home and make a feast of it.
  4. Tour a candy factory or vineyard in your area.
  5. Get cheap tix to a ball game some places they have them as low as $5pp
  6. Go bike riding in a park
  7. Go to a carnival...yes it's cheesy but it just might bring out the kid in you.
  8. Check out restaurants in your area for specials and take the wife or husband on the town.
  9. Visit a haunted house in your area.
  10. Make dinner together (spaghetti and sauce no utensils...I'm just sayin') or have a potluck dinner with other couples.
  11. Visit a zoo.
  12. Play 20 questions...but only if your really ready to hear the truth!
Until next time, when we can chit-chat again!

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