Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Daytime Emmy Awards 2009

I got a note yesterday that major film companies are cutting staff, starting with the writers... UGH!!!!  I clicked to look over the the Daytime Emmy Nominees to see if Grayson McCouch's pre-emmy nod came to fruition...  No such luck!  
As I looked over the list of 2009 Daytime Emmy Nominees I started does this really work?  Are the folks that are voting actually watching any of these shows.  Yes there is a lot of bad material in daytime, prime time, on cable...shall I go on?!  Some of the best actors/shows in Daytime didn't get noticed and some that were insulting to the viewers are getting props.  I think in all things television & film if you choose to insult I can vote with my remote.  On the other hand, maybe that's how they intend to capsize the industry. 
Daytime episodic seem to be a dying genera, evident by the cancellation of GL the oldest running episodic.  In a time of recession when when people need a place to escape they are writing crap.  I do believe that the people that are making the best of the worst should be recognized.  I truly believe on-line or on TV, daytime, prim time or film, "If you write it, they will watch it!".

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