Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I used to choose the world…

    I used to choose the world

Walk the streets like they were gold

And when I fell…

…I slept all alone …

…felt the me I needed to know

             I used to know the world

Gamble with all of my life

Listen up they would say

“You live like that & you’ll be dead”

           But I didn’t want to hear the speech

The old man’s dead indeed

Thought he had nothing to say

Always talking bout his son, I’m not his sun


           I hate now he’s gone he was right

Now that I’m grown up, I see it

Things just happened & found me here

All these people looking at me

They think I’m so damn free

I hope nobody here knows my name

I used to choose the world

When I did the streets were gold


           It was a strange time you see

No doors or windows for me

Shattered lives & loves I’d left

People didn’t believe when I’d returned

News revealed my life

When my daddy laid dead that day

They saw me as the lonely one

Now tears flowed when they said my name


            I close my eyes & I hear this singing

I can tell you it’s just the beginning

When the revelation comes here

You’ll see why I had that beginning


            The old lady just looks at me

But can’t seem to say my name

            She thought I’d left this world

Back when I chose the world

            I hear the things they are saying

I know all the songs they are singing

I know all of the things I’ve cheated

Remember all the things I needed

For some reason I’m not insane

So they won’t call my name


I used to choose the world

But that’s when the streets were gold

Until next time, when we can chit-chat again!

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