Thursday, January 28, 2010

January Flick Picks 2010

AVATAR is probably the biggest movie to hit the theaters since...well since James Cameron's other big hit, Titanic. Avatar is BIG and in terms of direction it probably is deserving of best direction awards.
The concept is intriguing, for me, however the path of the story was a bit tedious and could have been told in a shorter and more effective time frame. That said, I get why people are in love with this movie. It's running theme feels good, in a time when the world need more love and understanding of our fellow man. Additionally, Cameron's concept on screen is stunning to say the least. His vision is brilliant. There is a mating scene but I don't think the young ones will get it.
(☺☺☺~Enjoyable 〠~Kid Friendly )

UP IN THE AIR is a really nice little movie. It doesn't hurt that one of my favorite actors George Clooney is steadfast on the screen. Anyone who has ever been on the road knows that this film is accurate in so many ways. Certainly anyone who's carried the baggage of life can associate with it. The script is a bit dragging in spots but Clooney envelopes his character and keeps you interested long enough to watch the next scene. All in all good performances by the cast.

IT'S COMPLICATED is complicated. My first thought was OMG the last generation still got it. Unfortunately that's the funniest thing I can say about the film. Yes there were a few chuckles but going for the obvious laughs isn't always a good idea. The performance however were all solid and believable.

All through NINE I found myself saying Nein, Nein, Nein...(German for no)... I honestly did not enjoy this one and throughout found myself asking why, why, why. Well, to be honest not everything about this was awful. The performances were solid but this one falls under the category of what starts on the stage should stay on the stage.

I've heard that they are redoing this on Broadway and I'm considering seeing that.
(☺~Wait for the video)

ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: THE SQUEAKQUEL ~ The Chipmunks got their groove on. For me the Squeakquel wasn't as good as the original, but the kids will get a few laughs out of this one.
(☺☺ ~OK 〠~Kid Friendly )

I want to know what Hollywood knows that the rest of don't?! What's with all the apocalyptic movies. Anyway, LEGION is a lot better than I anticipated. Decent performances, decent story telling that makes you uncomfortable in your seat from time to time throughout the film.


THE BOOK OF ELI is carried by Denzel Washington's performance, followed closely by Gary Oldman's. That said, Washington kept me glued to the screen even when the dialog fell a bit short. The twist at the end was well worth watching the 1 hour and 58 minutes of film.
(☺☺☺☺~Must see)

While the film is predictable, the kids will cackle at this one. You may also get a laugh or two out of this one.
(☺☺☺ 1/2~Enjoyable 〠~Kid Friendly)

Another Kid friendly film that the parents won't be bored with. Jackie Chan is up to his usual antics and the kids will want to go home and mimic him in your backyard.
(☺☺☺ 1/2~Enjoyable 〠~Kid Friendly)

In SHERLOCK HOLMES the adventures of Holmes and Watson are truly entertaining and well worth seeing. I'm sure there is a sequel right around the corner.
(☺☺☺☺~Must see)

Leap Year is a predictable romantic comedy but the performances by Amy Adams and Matthew Goode are endearing.

Don't waste your time.
Wait for the video
☺☺ OK
☺☺☺ Enjoyable
☺☺☺☺ Must see
☺☺☺☺☺ Must see more than once.
Kid Friendly

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