Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Flick Pick '10

(☺☺~OK) Dear John - The performances are just enough to keep you engaged while
reminding you that you are in a theater seat. The story line is interesting enough,
but this one was just OK for me.

(☺☺~OK) When in Rome - This had all the makings of an entertaining film
and yet, not so much. The performances are believable enough but the story
just didn't grab me. Again, another one of those films that reminded me that
I was in a theater seat.

(☺☺☺1/2 Very Enjoyable) Edge of Darkness - I actually wasn't expect this
to be so good. The story kept me engaged, while the performances were
absolutely believable. While there is a lot of violence in this film, I found
myself engaged most of the time.

(☺☺ OK) Valentine's Day - This is one of those films that has a lot of big
names in it. Yep that's it...a lot of big names. With a lot of good names comes
good performances, unfortunately the story line left much to be desired.

(☺☺☺ 1/2 ~ Very Enjoyable) From Paris with love - I actually had no
expectation about this film. However the story kept me involved, even if it
was predictable in places. The performances here are believable. While
there is a lot of violence in this film, I found myself engaged most of the time.

(☺☺☺~Enjoyable) Posted on YouTube hollywoodstreams
Extraordinary Measures - I know a lot of people didn't like this one. I did.
The performances here are solid and the film kept me engaged most of the time.

(☺☺☺ ~ Enjoyable) Crazy Heart - Jeff Bridges, Jeff Bridges, Jeff Bridges...
he's the one who keeps the film alive. The story is engaging enough, but I
found it a bit mundane in places. Jeff Bridges performance is so good, it is
very apparent why he got the best actor nod.

☺☺☺ Enjoyable 〠 Kid Friendly Posted on YouTube FoxMovies
The Tooth Fairy - The rock does it again. This is a cute kid flick. Your little
ones will enjoy it and you won't be bored to death with it. If you're not careful
you may get a few chuckles out of it.

☺☺☺☺~Must see) Posted on YouTube by Aaryan360
By now you may have realized that I've got a thing for
Bollywood. My Name Is Khan doesn't disappoint. It moves
along at a good pace, keeps the audience engaged and tugs
at your heart strings with solid performances. As always
bring your reading glasses because this is in Hindi.

☹ Don't waste your time.
☺ Wait for the video
☺☺ OK
☺☺☺ Enjoyable
☺☺☺☺ Must see
☺☺☺☺☺ Don't miss
〠 Kid Friendly

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