Saturday, March 20, 2010

D day: Health Crisis & Social insurance in the US

They have it in Canada, most of Europe and even in Cuba, but not in the US of A...Or do they?

The health crisis in the US can be defined as shameful. There is much controversy over the looming possible institution of Health Care Reform (HCR), mostly because of the foggy definition of the bill.

I ask don't we already have standardized healthcare? It's called Medicaid! It’s called Medicare! Didn't see that one coming did you. Unfortunately, to receive the former, you have to be destitute. Under the current system, insurance companies have total control and there is no place for those with per-existing conditions.

The hold out issue now seems to be including abortion. *COUGH, EHEM* Listen up, if that's really what's holding up the vote, GET RID OF IT! This issue can be dealt with at a later date. How many bills have they amended over the years?!

There are all these numbers running around about what this will cost the American people.

When I go to meetings I show up with my ideas, take notes and hopefully walk away with nothing less than a plan to put together a new proposal. It’s unfortunate that after a year of haggling over this issue the government has found no solid resolution. In any office situation, I believe you would be fired for not tying things up.

I sit here wishing that I were a part of this health care debate!

How are we going to pay for it?

It’s reported an estimated 47 million people are with out health care in the USA. An estimated 20% (9.4 mil people) have pre-existing conditions and are uninsurable. I’d like to use a very conservative number if Apx 5% (450,000) of those with preexisting have a catastrophic event (like a stroke, etc.) we need to look at the math.

If 5% of the uninsurable were to have a stroke, which necessitates time in ICU including a 30 day stay in the hospital @ 100K/day, here is what we end up with.

450,000 sick @ 100K/day for 30 days = 1,350,000,000,000

Those numbers might indicate that we are already paying for it.

What’s not being discussed is what actually happens to the sick. “Those without insurance can just go to the ER and they’ll take care of you”. That’s a line that I hear quite often. My response is always, “Have you been to the ER without insurance?”

Usually the answer is, no. Frankly, I’ve seen this time and time again. Unless you have an advocate at your side you may sit in the ER until you expire. I’m not exaggerating. I’m not saying that the doctors are killing patients. However, under the current system when you enter the ER if you are mobile they’ll patch you up and send you on your way. Always with the tag line, “Be sure to follow up with your doctor.”

“Ummm, excuse me I don’t have insurance to follow up.”

And thus continues the vicious cycle of the uninsured.

The truth is with out insurance you’re just a loosing part of a (hospital) business. In a capitalistic society, who wants to loose money? I have to ask, who wants to loose a life?

There is a lot of talk about death panels. Let’s be clear, if you have health insurance and something catastrophic happens to you the insurance companies have a panel that decides if you are covered. Ummm, I think I’ll call that a death panel. See they already exist! We just don’t think about them because we are confidently carrying around the insurance card in our wallet. The real issue here is to look at the issues and decide for your-self.

It’s expected that a vote will be taken on this issue 3/21/10 at approximately 1p.m. EST . If you haven’t already take some time and review the issues to make an informed decision.

The GOP plan; The Obama Plan /Obama - share your thoughts ; Huffington Post has feeds of both sides of the debate.

Until next time, when we can chit-chat again!

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Anonymous said...

I agree with some of what you've said here. This morning I heard that doctors are now taking less and less medicaid/medicare patients. I have personally spoken to doctors who state that private insurance pays them a lower rate than the government. It's all very confusing.