Sunday, March 28, 2010

March Flick Pick '10

(☺☺ 1/2 OK) I really wanted to like The Bounty Hunter. Gerard & Jen seem like a dream team, but all through the film I kept waiting for, "it" to happen. "It", didn't. It was a bit predictable and cliche and for me it was just, okay.

(☺☺☺1/2 Enjoyable) I heard some negative things about Green Zone, mostly that it's the Bourne Identity with a different name. Not true. Both films share the same director and for me some of the shots he took felt the similar. The story is face paced and packed with action. I especially like the fact that they used actually soldiers that fought in war as cast members.

(☺☺☺ Enjoyable) Our Family Wedding has some real laugh out loud moments.
Yes it's filled with deliberate moments set to make you laugh but frankly if you
need a chuckle, who cares. It's very predictable but I liked it.

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(☺1/2) Brooklyn's Finest is filled with mostly good performances, but this one fell flat.
The story has potential but it just never picked up speed. The director's only choice
seems to be showing us violence and sex. I just didn't enjoy it.

☹ Don't waste your time.
☺ Wait for the video
☺☺ OK
☺☺☺ Enjoyable
☺☺☺☺ Must see
☺☺☺☺☺ Don't miss
〠 Kid Friendly

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