Thursday, August 26, 2010

Quick & Easy - Dinner - Penne Pasta with Spinach & Curry Shrimp


2 pound large shrimp Apx $16 (Shelled & deveined. You may also used precooked shrimp)
1 pound Penne Pasta Apx $3
2 tsp green or red curry powder Apx $3/bottle (Avl in Asian or west Indian market)
1 large Onion sliced Apx$1
1/2 tbsp olive oil Apx$6/bottle
6 limes Apx$1.00
1-2 pounds Spinach bunch Apx $1.50/LB (substitute w/bag spinach or asparagus )
1/2 can unsweetened coconut milk Apx$1.50 (optional)
Sugar Apx$2
Vinegar Apx$2
Salt (to taste)
Black Pepper (to taste)


Wash bunch or bag spinach well discarding any course stems. (I like to salt the leaves in a colander then rinse well.
Spin dry spinach or leave to drain in a colander.

Cook penne pasta as directed on package.

Rinse shrimp with vinegar & remove any additional veins; Soak shrimp in juice of 1/2 lime for apx 1 min; Rinse shrimp again with water; in a sauce pan place the oil, sliced onions & shrimp. Sprinkle curry powder & turn mixture. Add coconut, turn again, cover & cook 5-10 min or until shrimp are cooked.

Combine pasta, shrimp and spinach. Turn & serve.

Serves 8

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