Friday, December 10, 2010

We want your Christian Card back...

As most of us have heard by now, Elizabeth Edwards lost her battle against cancer at her home in North Carolina. 

I was truly disturbed when I heard that members of the Westboro Baptist Church are planning on picketing her funeral.  I thought it was a sick joke, until I looked up the group.  First thing that struck me was their .com, which I refuse to post here. I think this group really needs to look into new leadership or better yet put down the picket sign and open up a bible. 

The fact that they have Baptist in their title would lead one to believe that they are Christians.  This indicates that they believe in the teaching of Christ, if so I urge them to read John 8:4-10. 

To paraphrase:

They said to him, “Teacher, this woman has sinned and the law commands us to stone her.  What do you say?” 
Jesus replied, “Let him without sin be the first to throw a stone”.
After the crowd scattered without throwing a stone,
Jesus said, “Has no one condemned you?”
She said, “No”.
And he replied, “Neither do I; go, and sin no more.”

I would ask these picketers if the word of the “teacher” isn’t good enough for them? Perhaps then, they should stop pretending to be Christian’s.  These people seem to hate everyone and everything including “fags”.  They should really look up the word because it could mean a number of things from slavery to cigarettes. Since their view on Christianity seems warped, I feel justified in asking for clarification. 

I completely understand why non-Christians say that Christianity is a cult they don’t want to engage in, if this is the kind of example they are experiencing.  The group is failing miserably at the understanding the text.  They should go to church on Saturday, read the bible and pray for her soul. 

They might be surprised, when it’s their time, she may be at the pearly gates smiling at them and waving as they walk in the opposite direction!

Until next time, when we can chit-chat again! 

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