Monday, November 24, 2008

Random things that make me go Hmmmmm......

  1. If a towel is clean before you take a bath, why is it dirty after you use it?
  2. If up side is right and upside down is wrong, then why does upside down cake taste good?
  3. If fuel prices have gone down, why are shippers still charging a fuel service fee?
  4. If fuel prices have gone down, why do I have to pay to check my first bag on a flight?
  5. Why did they pick the word Dyslexic to describe the disorder?  I mean isn't that just mean?
  6. Why tofurkey, etc.? If you want to eat meat, eat meat.  If you want to eat tofu, eat tofu. Why eat tofu that sounds like meat?
  7. Turkey bacon... what's the point?
  8. Why does the day fly by when you have so much to do and creep when there is nothing to do?
  9. Is the hole in the ozone really caused by hairspray and my car's tail pipe? Could it be the constant piercing of the atmosphere by the space shuttles, etc. that's the real culprit?
  10. Does everyone in the US really need to go digital TV when the rest of the world will remain analog?
  11. Paper or plastic?  Why is this still an option?
Random things that make me go hmmmmmmm.......

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