Wednesday, December 3, 2008

To Visa or to Discover your visit to the hospital?

When I got home last night I got a letter in the mail stating that one of the many credit cards, that they so kindly gave me in my college years, has been cancelled.  Not because I didn't pay it on time, not because it was over drawn or over due or anything like that.  It was simply because I haven't used it in 24 months and so they figured I didn't need it.  (I haven't picked oranges of the tree in the back yard in nearly 3 years but I haven't cut it down because it's not useful)  I think the least they could do is notify me that they were going to do this to give me an opportunity to stimulate the card and keep it (and my credit score) alive and well.

This makes me think of all those people that the insurance companies WILL not give insurance to, because the breeze blew them that way.  A lot of those people depend heavily on balance free credit card when that little emergency surgery creeps up.  You see, most hospitals won't let them into the hospital without that insurance card or a $10K+ down payment (cash or credit only - no checks please).  When you find out at 7P at night that you have to have surgery the next day at 7A, where ever will you find that sort of cash?  

So Mr. Chase, Ms. Citibank and all you other credit card companies out there...please, please, please leave my credit cards alone.  Not only for my credit score, but possibly my life.  Be more prudent from now on with those who are causing you trouble or those credit applications that you are currently considering!

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I never really thought of that.