Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"W" says goodbye to Washington.

As I watched the former President and First Lady bid farewell to D.C., it struck me the sadness that "W" must feel. Imagine doing your job, to what you believe is the best of your ability, and getting no respect for it...Does that sound familiar?  Everyone judging what you did and the way you did it.  The night of the election he ended a meeting with his staff with, "May God bless whoever wins this election".  That made me realize, the truth is that none of us will ever know what it was like to sit in his chair because we haven't seen the playbook.  It makes me think of a phrase that someone recently shared with me.  "People will remember the things you didn't do well before they will remember the things you knocked out of the park".

In some ways 9/11/01 defined his presidency before it began because his entire focus shifted to war and defence of the country.  How sad that he had to remind us all, of all the positive things, that happened under his watch.  I'm not defending him or denouncing him, but history will tell his story.  History will tell if he utilized the information at hand correctly.  We should all remember that he was the CEO, who without the support of the board of directors (govt) couldn't have gotten anything done.  

Below the Former President G.W. BUSH speaks to a crowd after his arrival in Texas, Tuesday evening.

Below President Bush's final address to the nation 1/15/09.

Below President Bush addresses the nation 1/15/09 part 2

Below Bush last Q&A in white house with the press core - Part1

Below Press core Part2

Below Press core part3

Below Press core part4

Below Press core part 5

The Q&A with the press core showed the true G.W. Bush, funny, pensive, direct, etc.  Let's hope now that he's back in Texas he finds something to occupy his time.


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