Thursday, March 5, 2009

How rude are you?

"Hey, you A**, get out of my way & learn how to drive!"  Sound familiar?  I'm of the opinion that we are a society of rude people.  We'll speed up to cut off another driver, just so we can exit before them...even though there is no-one behind them.  We don't allow other drivers to change lanes in front of us, just because.  We have no patience at a stop sign, "I mean really why is that idiot still sitting there".  Oh this next one is high on my list, we answer the cell phone or type on our blackberries in the midst of conversation.  We enter rooms w/o a smile or greeting. We no longer rise to allow other passengers out, when we are on the isle seat on a flight.  I've been told, "just climb over me", on more occasions than I can recall. What do I look like, a monkey? (Please don't answer that!)...Do I really need to go on with more examples?!  
I think all this was started by the inventor of call-waiting.  You know that clever feature on your phone that allows you to evaluate which of two callers are more important or interesting. These things all seem acceptable and you may think, "the other guy can lump it if he doesn't like it".  I challenge you, for one day, put down the cell when someone is in front of you trying to share their ideas. Put down the cell phone while you are driving and focus on the road.  Allow that car next to you to enter the freeway.  Turn off the iPod or radio while you drive and just enjoy the silence. Take a moment every day and ask yourself, "How rude am I?"...You never know, you just might learn something. 

Until next time, when we can chit-chat again!

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Anonymous said...

So true!
Bev UK