Saturday, May 30, 2009

Susan Boyle the final chapter ...or is it?

Catch a recap of Britain's got talent, where Susan Boyle & others provided a serious display of talent.  Ultimately, Susan didn't win the competition.  Maybe due to the harsh lessons, on notoriety, she learned this week.   Her talent was on display for all to feed on and like any feeding frenzy, they went from the sweetness of the flesh to sharpness of the bone.  Down to the very end, her story reminded us of a few lessons that we've already learned.  
Ask yourself this... at the end of the day has she really lost? Have we?  I'm sure she'll go on to have a long career sharing her talent, all the while leaving her stamp on the world... 'Cause that Brits got Talent!  (I know that was bad but I couldn't help myself.)

Until next time, when we can chit-chat again!

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