Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daytime Emmys 2009

The daytime genera, with it's declining viewership, was honored last Sunday. For anyone who doesn't follow daytime, particularly the soap operas, this may just seem like another award show. For the diehard fans who have vigilantly stood by shows that are sagging in the rating it was bitter sweet.

The back and forth about the show actually getting on television was a soap opera of it's own. Thankfully the CW stepped up to the bat and put the show on the air. Unfortunately, there were a few bumps in the road. Guiding Light will be going off the air on September 18th after 72 years on the air. The tribute to the show was cut short, without any acknowledgment from the cast to the fans. Bitter sweet, I'm sure, for all the GL fans that tuned in to see the cast at what could be their last appearance on an award show. Further insult was amassed on the shows final winners when they were overrun by credits and a wide shot of the crowd departing.

I think it's fantastic that Sesame St was given a life time achievement award, that Vanessa Williams can still sing beautifully, and that Daytime gives back (But did they really need that wacky fashion show?). I know this seems awfully critical and that's not it. Daytime fans are grateful that at least for another year they can still invite some familiar faces into their home. Grateful that they saw their favorite stars. Next year however, if they plan to put the show on the air, I've got a few ideas on how to make it better. ;)

For the B&B fans that want to know what Brad Bell had to say on the podium Sunday night, he spoke with Entertainment Tonight.

"I thanked the cast and crew and everyone involved in the show, CBS, Barbara Bloom, Margot Wain, the writers and directors. The two leading ladies in my life: my mother and co-creator of the show Lee Phillip Bell and my wife Colleen. When I was thanking the writing team, I said, 'And the writer who is with us in every scene that we write and who is with us tonight in spirit my father Bill Bell.' " ~ Brad Bell on Bold and the Beautiful's first Daytime Emmy win in it's 21 year history. (It is not immediately clear if there is any video of this speech.)

As for Guiding Light, the good folks over at Daytime Confidential were kind enough to post Michael Fairman's video package that should have aired.

Until next time, when we can chit-chat again!

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