Thursday, April 29, 2010

APRIL '10 Flick Pick

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(☺☺ 1/2 OK) The Kick-Ass trailer may look like it's a kid friendly film, but it's NOT.
It's a mix of dark comedy and harsh violence. While the film is entertaining it's also
(☺1/2 Wait for the video) I had high hopes for "The Backup plan", because the trailer
looks really funny. While there were moments in the film it just wasn't what I expected.
Most of the performances are believable, but I wish I'd have saved this one for a rainy
night with microwave popcorn and a DVD.

Death at a Funeral is my favorite comedy of 2007, maybe of the 2000's, but we'll get to
that later. We must first discuss the remake. There is no denying this script is funny so
I did laugh in some spots but, with the original dancing in my memory bank, it just wasn't
as good as the original. If you haven't seen the original you'll surely get a laugh. However,
if you have, wait for this to come out on video. (☺☺☺ Enjoyable)

The original Death at a Funeral (2007) is out on video. This is a must see! In fact, this is
the film that inspired Chris Rock to remake this movie. (☺☺☺☺☺ Don't miss)

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(☺☺1/2 OK) Date Night has funny actors with funny moment but it's just an OK film.

(☺☺☺ 1/2 Enjoyable) Hot Tub Time Machine is a very funny flashback in time. Mature situations with believable and funny performers.

(☺☺☺ 1/2 Enjoyable) You didn't have to see Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married to see
TP's Why Did I Get Married Too. It's Tyler Perry's usual brand of humor inter wound
with his keen sense of relationships. Janet Jackson's performance in the latter half of the
film is stellar, no doubt prompted by the passing of her brother Michael last summer.

(☺☺☺ 1/2Enjoyable) {〠 Kid Friendly} The Last song turned out to be a bit of a
treasure. I really thought this was going to be just another teen flick but, the story is rich
and most of the performances are believable.

☹ Don't waste your time.
☺ Wait for the video
☺☺ OK
☺☺☺ Enjoyable
☺☺☺☺ Must see
☺☺☺☺☺ Don't miss
〠 Kid Friendly

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