Friday, September 17, 2010

And the world stop turning....Goodnight, As The World Turns.

CBS aired the 13858th and final episode of As The World Turns (ATWT) today, almost three months after their final taping. It's sad to see another piece of television history fade to black after 54 years, as a daytime staple.

The fans of ATWT are vast. Some of us came to it because we listed on the radio; some came because that’s what our grandmothers or babysitters watched; others simply stumbled across it as a matter of escape. I have to admit I didn’t watch it everyday. It was that familiar friend that was always there when I was looking to escape for an hour. It’s the place I could find my old friends Holden & Lilly or my new friends Katy & Chris. For lack of a better analogy, it was like going home after a long while.

You know when you go back to the town you grew up in and see so many new things; But, the familiar are still sprinkled among the new, a sure sign that you are home. I know the town, the places and the characters. With each visit I know it isn’t the same, but I’m still comforted to know I can visit now and then. That’s the way that I feel about ATWT. (Unfortunately, news has come that episodes will be removed from online resources on 10/21/10 so if we want to be nostalgic will have to do it rather quickly.)

In May, the cast of "As the World Turns" came together one last time and posed for a final photo, (Courtesy of JPI Studios.) in New York.

Aside from the talent in it’s final episodes, ATWT also hosted a list of talented actors and actresses who sharpened their skills and have gone on to notoriety. Actors such as Martin Sheen, James Earl Jones, Jason Biggs, Amanda Seyfried, Meg Ryan, Julianne Moore, Steven Weber, Marisa Tomei, Richard Thomas, Swoosie Kurtz, Dana Delany, John O'Hurley, Parker Posey, Lauryn Hill, Jordana Brewster, James Van Der Beek, Amanda Seyfried to name a few. When ATWT started there were 19 daytime shows for young actors to sharpen their skills, now there are only 6.
You might think that the death of another daytime show has nothing to do with your prime time show. However, someone once said to me first they’ll do it to us and then they’ll do it to you. If you have some “reel” friends that you love, be sure to watch and be sure to tell them before it’s too late. While your at it be sure to do the same with your “real” friends, because as this proves nothing last forever.
You may be wondering what now? Well, after watch the final scene with the lit globe spinning on Dr. Bob’s desk. That final fade to black…a commercial break snapped me back to reality and I’ve gone on with my day. Back to my real friends, leaving my “reel” friends behind one last time.

So one last toast to my long old friends: “To all of you, real & reel, getting exactly what we want in life. Your faithful friends will never forget you. Goodnight, As The World Turns.”

Until next time, when we can chit-chat again!

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