Monday, September 27, 2010

Mind your manners...

Now I've seen everything!!!

Last Sunday while steadily sitting in my seat, in church, I saw the most horrific thing. (Gasp!!!) The lady next to me took out her iPhone and respond to several messages...I mean really!!!!! Can't that wait an hour or two?

A few minutes later the lady in front of me struggled with her purse to retrieve her cell phone.
Of course, by the time she had it in hand it stopped running. Did she do the proper thing? Perhaps you've already guessed it...she put the temple on hold so she could tell "whom ever" that she was in church. Now I'm guessing it wasn't an emergency because she didn't listen much before shouting her response. I'm also guessing she figured she would be seen because the congregation is rather large...not the sort of place you'd hear a pin drop.

You may be asking yourself, why I'd notice her instead of paying attention to the minister. Well, the truth is the church has stadium seating. Frankly, I like sparkly things! The light from the phones made my mind wonder, like a diamond ring does to an engaged woman.

So I humble ask all you texters and talkers to mind your manners. Please don't sit in the pew at church or seat at the movie theater and text, e-mail or chat on the phone. The polite thing to do is to exit the facility or don't enter at all!

Until next time, when we can chit-chat again!

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