Thursday, January 8, 2009

He want's his kidney back! Now I think I've heard everything.

A New York man, who gave his wife a kidney when she needed a transplant, wants his kidney back.   Can you imagine?  Isn't that the ultimate in Indian giving?  Can you imagine a court saying, "OK cut her open...give it back...let her search for a new one"?  It's not a Mercedes man. Well I can't and frankly I am a bit astonished that this is being heard by the state supreme court.  

This is probably one of the reasons that they like anonymity in organ donations.  I don't know these people or what their relationship was like, but I'm pretty sure the husband doesn't really want it back.  He stated in a press conference that he wanted to spare her life and maybe get their marriage back on track.  Perhaps he should have put that in writing when he gave her the kidney.

Apparently this 49 year old, Cornell Med School graduate, is ticked because his wife allegedly had an affair and filed for divorce.  I suspect that this is really about money...oh wait, it is about money.   In the request for a ruling, they are asking for the kidney back or $1.5 Million dollars.   I don't know enough about the community property rules in the state of NY, but I wonder if the good Dr. just wants to keep what's his... materially!

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just greedy and gross!